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What a great gift...

“What a great and helpful gift to share with any couple starting their new journey!"

Laurence C. Smith, Jr., Ph.D



A wonderful tool

“A wonderful tool for couples to refresh and strengthen their relationships, candid, straight forward and easy to put into practical application."

Meghan Weir
Author, Confessions of An Introvert



Worth more than I paid for it!

“I wish I had read The Marriage Manual 90 days ago. I just signed my divorce papers.  I went down the check list and I found out that I was only doing half of what was on the list. The steps were clear, concrete and specific. I learned a lot from it, for me the information was worth FAR more than the price of the book!”

Mark Steinborn
New York, NY



My own relationship has improved 100%

“I know Laurie and BJ to be one of the happiest couples around. Now they give us the reasons why and the opportunity to achieve a successful marriage. Life doesn't come with an owner’s manual and neither do relationships. Men and women look for different things. The Marriage Manual is quick reading, clear and to the point ...essential reading for a joyful and loving relationship. I believe my own relationship has improved 100%, thank you!”

Dr. Marc Terebelo
Farmington Hills, MI



Thanks to Laurie's advice I am so much happier!

“After reading the marriage manual I became more aware of what I had to do for our relationship.  My significant other became more attentive and affectionate just by a few simple changes in the way I communicated with him.  I realized that I always talked to him like I talk to my girlfriends and that wasn't’t nurturing his needs (I often found myself frustrated with his response.)  In less than two weeks of reading this manual these simple changes became second nature and I find myself so much happier in our relationship.”

Leili Lederman
Ypsillanti, MI



An invaluable resource...

“The Marriage Manual could prove to be an invaluable resource for a reader seeking a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their spouse."

David Zeolla
Managing Director, Dorrance Publishing Company



The Marriage Manual spells it out...

“The Marriage Manual is just FABULOUS! There is room for improvement for me and how I can make my relationship better. Your book spells it out plain and simple. Anyone of education or not can understand the message. It is written simple, to the point and full of truth... it is a great tool and double check system, for both parties in a relationship that want to keep the fire lit between them, or help them through a rocky time, or what ever is going on.”                                                 

Karen Small
West Bloomfield, Mi



Finally, the formula for a successful marriage!

The Marriage Manual puts BIG TIME thought and effort into creating a formula for a successful marriage in a society where 50% of the marriages break up.  It takes 2 people to get married but only one to get divorce.  All marriage age people would benefit from your book and its simple lessons based on thelost keys” to sustain a meaningful relationship.”

Larry Dubb
West Bloomfield, MI



Something for everyone. A must read!

“There is something for everyone in The Marriage Manual. Even if you use just one suggestion in the manual your marriage and relationship will be better for it. I have been with my wife for 24 years. Many of the Manuals tips are great reminders of why we got married and provide practical tips on keeping your relationship fresh.  The Marriage Manual delivers the message that if you spend even a little time making your spouse happy; you too will be happier your spouse will reciprocate, you both will feel good and the bonds of your marriage will be stronger.  This book will improve your marriage. A must read!"

Todd Mendel
Birmingham, MI



The Marriage Manual brought us closer together!

“I thought my husband and I had a very good relationship, after reading The Marriage Manual I realized I could put forth a little extra effort and the outcome has been extra effort in return.  It’s a happy marriage made happier.  Thank You for sharing this with me because it has brought us closer together.”

Keitha Goodwin
Austin, TX



Thanks Laurie! My wife likes my new moves.

“I enjoyed The Marriage Manual immensely and think that all married couples as well as anyone in a committed relationship could benefit by reading it. You have expressed some excellent ideas for good sound relationships, and the book is easy to use. I think my wife likes me a lot better now after my new moves!”

Bill Mazer
Bloomfield Hills, MI



I would have never discovered this on my own

“I can't believe I wasted so many years being angry!  This is so simple, once you know the inside secrets!  I would have never discovered any of this on my own. Like everyone else I believed it was too hard.  Well it isn't!”

San Francisco, CA



I thought he was deaf...

“I thought my husband had a serious hearing problem, but after reading The Marriage Manual I realized it was the way I spoke to him that made him tune me out. There is no longer a need for a hearing aid here!

Mary Williams
Jonestown, TX



NOT the same old advice.

“Thank you so much for passing this along!  The approach taken with this is certainly fresh and intriguing.”

Lawrence Wilson
San Francisco, CA



Finally, I can have a REAL relationship!

“I didn't realize men had needs besides the obvious, until I read The Marriage Manual, didn't’t realize what got into their heads.  I feel like I can have a real relationship now”

Chelsea Kelly
Cedar Rapids, IA

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