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“Anyone who is thinking about getting married should read this book. It has given me a great start to married life and a good understanding of what to expect. I read The Marriage Manual yesterday and it’s amazing to think I have been doing these things that have been destroying the best part of my life. Thank you for opening my eyes!”

Debbie Fishbone



Knowledge is power and this little gem of a book is no exception!

A happy lasting marriage begins with a strong foundation. The secrets to building your dream relationship are right inside.

What is The Marriage Manual?

The Marriage Manual is a short, easy to read and remember, guide to identifying and applying your spouse's most essential needs.

Divided into two parts, for you and your spouse, you will find all the answers you will need to make your marriage all that you want it to be.

Who is The Marriage Manual for?

The Marriage Manual is for anyone who wants a marriage filled with joy, regardless of your situation.

This special and helpful book, filled with interesting black and white photography, poems and checklists make a wonderful GIFT for weddings, bridal showers, client appreciation gifts; birthdays, special occasions or just because... They will remember and thank you for being that person who brought value into their lives!

What is not in The Marriage Manual?

Psychobabble, long drawn out pages or any religious or obscene sexual content.

What are the benefits of The Marriage Manual?

You Will Learn...

  • The bad habits most couples practice over and over that tear them apart because they don't know or don't care. You will stay clear!
  • Effortless tips to immediately change your behavior. Get what you want now!
  • How-to communicate effectively with your spouse. You will be able to "hear" what the other person is saying!
  • What your spouse really needs from you. Awareness is POWERFUL!
  • Learn how to increase intimacy and keep it spicy. Is there anything better than great sex with the love of your life?
  • The REAL deal about marriage or any relationship. Too often people do things the way they always have always been done, and that is not always the best way!

Why else should you read The Marriage Manual?

  • The divorce rate is 50/50, not great odds. You can prevent this from happening!
  • You have waited your whole life to find "the one". Do you want to do it again?
  • With a poor economy, times are even harder. It is crucial to work together there is power in numbers!
  • The tools you will learn work with most women and men!
  • With your new skills you will be effective and happy parents; therefore providing for your children, their dream of a family!

You spent a small fortune on the wedding and made a commitment to each other for the rest of your lives. Please make this very small investment for the BIGGEST investment of all, you!

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